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Furniture Assembly

& Furniture Building

Flatpack Furniture Assembly

Furniture Building

Any Brand - Any Design

Quick & Efficient

Simple Pricing Structure

Over 20 Years Experience

Insured Up To £1,000,000

Furniture assembly by experienced specialists

So many homes have at least one piece of furniture in which is flat packed and many have even more and there is good reason too, they are reasonably cheap to buy and comes in an assortment of colours and designs to fit any room and taste. Assembling the furniture however is an after thought and can be tricky without the right skills or tools for the job.

Our staff have extensive experience in flat pack furniture assembly and can do it timely and ensure its’s built safely and to the book saving you time and stress doing it yourself. It doesn't matter if you have just one item or several, small or large items we can do it all.

What to do before we arrive.

It may be tempting to open the box or boxes before we arrive to save us time. This of course can be done but actually it can slow us down as most boxes are packed in a way that all the parts are in order. This is not always the case but things can get lost, misplaced and can take extra time to re-organise the individual parts ready for building so we always advise, if possible, to leave the boxes as they arrive

Place the box or boxes in the room they need to be in. Always ensure the boxes are out of the way from doorways and other areas which could cause damage to your property or could cause a trip hazard. We understand that this may not always be possible, if this is the case just place the boxes in an area which is safe and un-obstructive.

Ensure that the furniture you have bought will fit in the place you want it to go. There has been situations where we have turned up and built the furniture only to find that it doesn’t fit in the room. Always ensure the dimensions fit with the space it’s going into. The last thing you want to do is have to pay us to dismantle the piece of furniture and send it back to the shop for a refund.

Clear the area where the furniture will be assembled. We will need as much clear space as possible to assemble the furniture for you so if possible clear the area for us prior to our arrival, this will ensure a timely and efficient build.

What we will do upon arrival

We will first check the area that we will be working in and check for the safety. Once we are happy that the area is safe we will start to un-box the furniture and organise the individual parts to speed up the assembling process.

So the area is safe and the parts are organised, we will now start building the furniture for you using the supplied instructions ensuring that all the correct parts are used in the correct places.

Now the furniture has been built and assembled we will discuss with you where in the room you would like it and move it to the desired place. If required we can attach it securely to the wall for you.

What sort of things do we build

The list is endless to be honest but some of our most common builds are as follows





Book cases



Kitchen units

Beds singles and doubles

Bedside cabinets

Outdoor tables

Outdoor furniture

We cover all areas local to Colchester and within a 30 mile radius going down to Southend on Sea and up all the way to Bury st Edmund's.

Call us or contact us using the form on the left and we will provide you with a full quotation.