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Keeping baby and toddler safe from harm

In this day and age there are so many dangers around the home and some of them are not common or the first thing you think of which is why getting a specialist in to evaluate your home and advising the best possible solutions for you is so important.

Not only is there chemicals, sharp objects and hot surfaces to think about there is also a vast list of other potential dangers and we can help with all of that from sourcing the materials to installing them safely and promptly.

What will do during the evaluation

When we first come along to evaluate your property we will see potential risks around your home and advise which method or methods we can install to best protect your loved ones. Ensuring that you can rest easy knowing that you have done everything possible to keep them out of harms way.

Kitchen: the kitchen of course is full of dangers with the cooker, drawers full of knives and cupboards full of dangerous and potentially fatal chemicals. Once we have looked about and found the dangers we will discuss with you our findings and give the best advice of what we will do to childproof the room for you. We will then promptly source the materials for you and install them.

Living room/sitting room/lounge: probably one of the most comfortable rooms in the house and a safe place for all the family to be to chat and play and relax together. However, there are many hidden dangers here which can prove extremely dangerous if not taking care. Babies and toddlers are all over the place all the time and always seem to be drawn to dangers. We will check the dangers for you and look for things like exposed wires, hard and pointy edges, trip hazards etc. and can advise our findings with you offering a full childproof service to make this room safe so you can all sit back and enjoy your time together without having to watch every second.

Stairs: another known danger is of course stairs. Babies and toddlers love to climb stairs and try to get down them not knowing the dangers that lay before them. Many properties also have low banisters with a fall to the bottom, also leading to potential risk for baby and toddler. We can install the best suited stair gates for you and evaluate other potential risks, installing the best solution for you.

Bedrooms: People often forget about bedroom safety but bedrooms also need to be childproofed as there can be hidden dangers here too. We will childproof the bedrooms including things like loose curtains or blinds as this can be a smother hazard and often gets missed when childproofing your home. We will also look at sockets, exposed wires and other hazards around the bedrooms to ensure safety.

Contact us today to book in your house childproofing evaluation and we will get started in making your home a place to relax and enjoy.