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Why should you choose us as your painter and decorator?

We are not going to waste your time telling you about some of the poor quality work we have seen over the years which we have had to correct and make good from other painters and decorators. Why should we when our work shows itself to be of high quality and be cost effective. Painting and decorating is an art and a skill which takes many years of training, practice and knowledge. It isn’t for everyone as it can be hard work and very tiring which is why most people tend to come to us to do the job for them. Our team have been in the trade for over 15 years, well, since the year 2000 to be precise and has mastered the art of painting and decorating in all kinds of buildings and have had all kinds of painting and decorating requirements over the years.

Painting and decorating isn’t as simple as picking up a paint brush and roller and putting paint on the walls, it’s about the cutting in, using the correct paint brushes, the correct paint for the correct walls, the preparation of the walls to ensure a perfect finish every time which is why our many years experience and knowledge proves itself every time to be of the highest standards and also the reason why our customers come back to us time and time again. We get so many recommendations by customers that we have managed to grow by word and mouth alone over the years.

Wallpaper hanging is everyone’s fear. Well fear not, with our painting and decorating service, we will hang your wallpaper professionally and timely leaving you with a good quality wall you can be proud of. It is currently fashionable to have a feature wall but many customers still like to have a full room wallpapered. We can do it all. Use the quote form on the right or call us so we can come along and provide you full and fixed price.

Wood and masonry painting is all included if required. Things like skirting boards, architrave will be painted as part of our standard service. We do not charge an extra fee which is often hidden and an additional extra with many painters and decorators.

So what do we do when we arrive for the job?

We will firstly move and protect all your furniture. If possible we will move it out of the room we are due to paint or wallpaper, if this isn’t possible then we will simply move the furniture to the middle of the room and out of the way. We will then cover and protect furniture to ensure no damage can happen.

Once everything is out of the way and protected we will prepare all walls. During this process we will repair, fill, smooth down and make the wall ready for whatever application we are there to do whether that is wallpapering or painting.

preparing walls for paintingOnce the walls are prepared and all holes and imperfections are eradicated we are ready to get started on the main job.

If we are wallpapering your wall or walls we will always apply lining paper to the wall which will provide the professional and quality finish you expect from a professional painter and decorator in Colchester.

Once the lining paper is on the wall and is dry it is ready to be wallpapered. Before we start we will plan on where to start and line up the walls to ensure we apply the paper absolutely vertical and then paste and apply the paper ensuring any patterns line up giving you a perfect finish.

Can we help you decide what colour schemes?

Yes is the simple answer.

Gone are the times of colour fans and guess work, we will physically show you what each room will look like when we have finished. You can either send to us a picture of the room or rooms that you want decorating, give us an idea of the colour or colours you may like and we can actually send back to you an image with that exact colour on your walls, or we can do it live for you with one of our home decorating consultations where you can see immediately what each room and wall will look like when we have finished.

Once we have done a live representation of colours we can purchase a small tester to ensure the colour really is as you’d expect. We do this as things like lighting and how each room and wall is laid out may mean the live colour consultation could give a slightly different colour. Although every effort has been made by the tech gurus to ensure precision we always want to ensure the finished product is exactly as you pictured it.

We can also colour match any colour you dream of, if you can provide us with a  physical sample from anything at all, whether that be a photo, a piece of clothing or a  piece of stone, we can match it using Dulux’s colour matching technology which is the best technology in Europe so you know the colour you want will be the colour we put on your walls.

Interior Decorating

We provide a full range of interior decorating with attention to detail in the forefront of every thing we do from walls to ceilings and from skirting boards to architrave and trim.

painting and decoratingWe can provide all of the following services:

Wall painting

Ceiling painting

Skirting board painting

Window sill painting

Architrave painting

Filling walls / wall repair



Architrave & skirting fitting

Box in pipes

Cable hiding

Much more

We use the best possible paints for each room and can even provide a wipe clean paint for accidental spills, you just wipe it clean and it’ll be just like new again. We are happy to use your own supplied paint but of course we cannot guarantee the finished product to match what the tin shows or the quality of the paint. We prefer to use the paint we know and trust but either way we will ensure that when we leave everything is done perfectly.

Exterior Decorating

Professional exterior decorating including window frames, masonry, render and fascia and soffit boards.

Our external decorating services include:

Painting of all wood

Window frames

Fascia and soffits

Garage doors

Front Doors

Render and cladding