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It is becoming more and more popular to hang TV from walls rather than having them taking up space on TV units which can be unsightly and takes up space in your home. Many houses these days are made with the internal walls being made of drywall, otherwise known as plasterboard. These types of walls are very flimsy and delicate which can make it increasingly difficult to hang anything on which has any kind of weight.

What will we do when we hang you TV?

Our TV wall hanging service is of the highest quality and standards. During our visit we will firstly check the walls for electricity, gas mains, water pipes and other dangerous obstacles hiding behind the surface to ensure we do not damage your home and cause expensive damage. This part is so important and is what many handymen do not do. You cannot just go drilling holes in your walls without expert knowledge. We keep up to date with the latest building regulations to help guide us.

Once we are happy with the safety of the wall and know where to hang your TV we will take a look at the TV itself and evaluate the weight so we can evaluate the best mounting kit to use to hang your TV. Most TV wall brackets come with their own mounting kits, however, not all of these kits are best suited for all wall types. We carry many different types of wall hanging kits and brackets for any scenario we come across.

So we have established the wall safety, the fixing kit requirements and where to hang your TV, now it’s time to line up and start the hanging procedure. During this part of the process we will mark out on the wall where the fixing bracket will be and mark out the drilling holes ensuring the bracket is straight and at the perfect height. Then its a matter of drilling the holes, placing the fixing kit in the wall and attaching the bracket to the back of TV. Once all of this is done we simply hang the TV in place and secure the locking screws in place.

So your TV is on the wall, what now?

Some of our customers like to play around with the new TV’s themselves and do not need anything further from us at this stage. They will plug in, tune in and setup the TV themselves. Others would like us to set up their TV ready for them to enjoy.

We will discuss with you what you would like us to do and if you’d like us to set up your TV then we will do that for you so you can just sit back and enjoy your new TV without any stresses.

Cable tidy and hiding

Many people like the simplest look in their home and do not want cables all over the place or they have children or pets which may pull on cables and as a result would like the cables to be hidden or tidied.

We supply a full cable hiding or tidy service. There are two different options we have depending on your requirements. If you are in rented accommodation then option 1 is probably best suited. You should always seek permission from the landlord or property owner before choosing option 2

Option 1:

This option is best suited for people who either rent, do not want a more intrusive option or are happy with a simple cable tidying service. We will place all cables in what's known as trunking. Trunking is a plastic avenue which holds the cables in one place and is placed on the wall in a structured manner leading to the plug socket. Although not for everyone as the trunking is often difficult to paint and still shows on the wall so is not completely hidden away.

This option is often the cheapest and quickest way to hide and organise cables.

Option 2:

This option is a little more in depth and more intrusive as it involves cutting away small sections of your wall to hide the cables behind the wall and leads down to the plug socket.

During the process we will check the wall for any pipe work or electrical obstacles and work out the best route to take. Once we are happy of the route we will make a small hole in the wall just behind the TV, (don’t worry this hole will be filled and tidied when we are finished), we will make another hole down by the plug socket and feed all the wiring through the wall from one end to the other. This is the best time to turn everything on and double check everything works as it should.

We will then place a special face board over each hole which seals the hole but allows the wires to come through and keeps things like spiders and drafts out.